Hot Stapler Kit



Item No.: 877 132

Extensive kit in the case: hot stapler, 7 x 50 pieces of staples, charger, pliers
Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions260 x 45 x 65 mm
BatteryLithium-ion battery
Capacity6.6 Ah
Voltage3.6 V

For all types of plastic with a thickness of 1 mm and more. Can also be used for plastics with a fiberglass content of up to 40%. With the hot stapler you create a permanent and flexible bond by melting metal staples. The delivery kit includes seven variously shaped types of staple so that you can repair not only smooth cracks but also defects at different angles or in protrusions. The BIG variant kit also includes an iron which you can use if needed to heat and level out uneven surfaces in visible areas in the plastic caused by the placement of the staples. Thanks to the battery operation this tool is flexible and can be used everywhere for repairs on: Plastic bumpers, headlamp mountings, covers, radiator grills and other plastic parts. The repair staples are simply inserted into the slot of the device, heated by a push of the button and merged with the plastic on the repair site. Protruding parts of staples are then easily snapped off with the enclosed pliers.