Tire Booster

Tire Inflating Aid


Item No.: 602 540

Tire Booster
Exploded view drawing:

Tank volume18.9 l / 5 gal
Operating pressure2.7 bar – 10 bar
Max. pressure15 bar
MiscellaneousPressure gauge, safety valve, ball valve

Mounting an inflexible tire on the wheel rim can cause the tire to twist or rest imperfectly against the inner rim flange. Air injected through the valve often does not have the needed volume to remove the tire from this twisted position or to press it on the rim flange, and the air escapes unused. This is where the Tire Booster helps. Due to the wide opening of the air vent a large volume of air is blasted into the tire within a very short period. Flexible and applicable on any site since the 19-liter tank has been prefilled with compressed air. Equipped with a safety valve. Due to the variable filling pressure it is compatible with small-format tires such as those for riding mowers, and those for cars, trucks and tractors. Depending on the application operating pressure is between 2.7 and 10 bar, with a maximum pressure of 15 bar.