Accessories for Air Impact Wrenches

Pneumatic Fittings

Air Hoses

Dimensions8.0 mm inside diam. x 12.0 mm outside diam.
Length without tensionapprox. m
Extension length10 m
Connections?" plug nipple,
?" connector

Ready-to-connect PU spiral hose. The bend protection on both sides ensures a high degree of stability and hence long service life. Polyurethane hoses are characterized by the following properties: low net weight, abrasion resistance, high flexibility, very good resistance to oil and petrol, good low-temperature flexibility, the smallest bending radii, bending resistance and very good expansion ratio. PU spiral hoses are space-saving and are an asset in every professional workshop.

Mini-cartridge grease gun

Pressuremax. 69 bar
Filling amount80 g
Suitable forbulk grease
Length145 mm
Weight260 g
  • For precise lubrication with bulk grease
  • Easy operation using very accessible trigger
  • Metal housing for long service life
  • Ergonomic, convenient operation
  • Easy filling through large opening

The mini-grease gun is perfectly suited for precise and clean lubrication. It can be filled easily with grease and is pleasant to use with the large convex trigger. The amount of grease can be metered easily and properly. The robust design ensures a long service life. Indispensable tool in day-to-day workshop activities for the lubrication of tool gearing, threads and other objects.