Accessories for Air Sanders

Sanding Belts

Aluminium oxide sanding belts on tear-resistant cloth backing. Suitable for all belt sanders with spring tension and 10 mm or 20 mm belt width. Ideal for SMART repairs, bodywork or metal sanding.

For 10mm sanders: ZC-1040 10 x 330 mm grit 40, ZC-1060 10 x 330 mm grit 60, ZC-1080 10 x 330 mm grit 80, ZC-1120 10 x 520 mm grit 120

For 20mm sanders: ZC-2040 20 x 520 mm grit 40, ZC-2060 20 x 520 mm grit 60, ZC-2080 20 x 520 mm grit 80, ZC-2100 20 x 520 mm grit 100

Sanding discs for all sanders with Roloc™ fastening

Grit and fleece sanding discs with Roloc™ fastening. For smoothing metal objects and improving surface structure. Ideal for the removal of tempering colors, secondary burrs and for the quick and efficient reduction of surface roughness. The finer the fleece, the more uniform the surface. Corrosion resistance is also increased. Fields of application: SMART repairs, bodyworks, paint shops, metalworking, etc.

3M® Bristle Disc brush wheels for Roloc™ fastening

The Bristle Disc is used on angle sanders to remove rust, paint, adhesive residues and surface contamination. It is suitable for steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. The Bristle Disc has the abrasive ceramic grain Cubitron™ for thorough and gentle surface conditioning with uniform material removal. Minimum contact pressure is already enough to achieve very good results. Replacement is quick and easy due to the Roloc™ fastening. The different grains from K 50 to K 120 are color-coded for quick and correct assignment. Assembly without any additional backing plate on almost any commercially available angle sander up to a maximum 25,000 rpm.

Backing plate for orbital sanders

Backing plate for the C-3366 and C-3672

Very high-quality 152-mm backing plate with 15 holes to be used on devices with dust extraction. Also suitable for FESTO when combined with the enclosed adapter and spacer washers.

Backing plate for the C-3710

ZC-3710 50 mm extra strong hook and loop, ZC-3711 50 mm for self-adhesive abrasive discs, ZC-3712 30 mm extra strong hook and loop, ZC-3713 75 mm extra strong hook and loopRobust backing plate in different sizes, with extra strong hook and loop for very secure hold (apart from the ZC-3711).

Spare backing plate for the C-3851 finish sander

Screwable 30-mm spare backing plate. Suitable for hook-and-loop and self-adhesive abrasive discs due to the new micro hook-and-loop lining. The ZC-3800 also suitable for wet sanding.

Backing plate for the C-3860, C-3865 and C-3868:

Suitable for 3M® sanding discs with Roloc™ fastening. Optionally available with drill adapter (6 mm) without a surcharge.

Finger pad for the C-3720

ZC-3720 thick hook and loop, ZC-3720 thick hook and loop, ZC-3721 narrow hook and loop, ZC-3722 adhesive, ZC-3723 finger with 30-mm hook-and-loop or self-adhesive sanding disc pad, ZC-3721 narrow hook and loop, ZC-3722 adhesive, ZC-3723 finger with 30-mm hook-and-loop or self-adhesive sanding disc pad  Finger pads for the C-3720 and C-3720XL

Sticker and decal remover

ZI-9120 Sticker and Decal Remover Rubber wheel ZI-9120 and ZI 9120PT for the I-6630 decal remover: The original! The rubber wheel with a gentle touch. For the removal of adhesive residues, stickers and large markings without damaging the paint. In conjunction with our I-6630 pneumatic decal remover with its maximum idling speed of 2,600 rpm at 6.3 bar, the gentle serrations have proven their worth a million times over. Using the ZI-9121 adapter the sticker and decal remover can even be operated with a drill (max. 2,600 rpm). Also ideal for removing residues of stick-on weights on aluminium rims and hence also perfectly suitable for tire service centres, paint shops and workshops.

Cut-off wheels for the I-9315

The cut-off wheel for the I-9315 extended cutting grinder. Even spaces where access is limited are reached with the help of this extremely thin 1-mm industrial cut-off wheel. Very well suited for thin steel plates, stud bolts, exhaust pipes, supporting joints and connecting rods. In conjunction with the unique design of the I-9315 extended cutting grinder, even high-strength and ultra high-strength plates, stainless steels and thin aluminium sheets pose no problem.

XT 10 MINI – cutting disc for steel

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