Extended Cutting Grinder


Item No.: 601 070

Extended Cutting Grinder I-9315
Exploded view drawing:

Idling speed:15,000 rpm
Power:0.85 HP/0.63 kW
Total length:375 mm
Height:45 mm
Weight:1.1 kg
Air pressure:6.3 bar
Air inlet:¼“
Cut-off wheel:100 x 1.0 x 10 mm

Through its design the extended cutting grinder is well suited for fitters and allows mechanics to work optimally in vehicle spaces where access is limited. Particularly degraded and slipping screw connections can be easily and conveniently severed. Connecting rods and stabilizer bars, tie-rod ends, supporting joints and exhaust screw connections can be cut just as quickly as wheel houses with limited access or the screw connections of many rear axle bushings. At 0.85 HP the extended cutting grinder is the absolute frontrunner in its class and is therefore indispensable to all vehicle and auto body shops.