SMART Repair Kit

1 patented push-pull pliers


Item No.: 700 315

Complete kit for the quick removal of dents
Content: 1 patented push-pull pliers 1 pull hammer 1 glue gun 9 plastic tabs in different quantities 8 glue sticks
Plastic tabs and glue sticks also available as accessories

SMART repair kit for paintless dent repair. Dents are pulled out from the outside of the panel. The plastic tabs are glued on to the dent with the glue gun and the patented push-pull lever positioned. By smoothly pressing the pull pliers together, the dent is pulled out while pressure is simultaneously applied to the surrounding surface. This minimizes the risk of overstretching considerably. Ideal for small "shopping trolley dents". The plastic tabs are then simply broken off. A push hammer for the traditional flattening of large-surface deformations is also included in the kit. Advantages: no repainting, no write-downs, suitable for stationary and mobile application.