Solid Carbide Spot Weld Drill Bit for Vario Drills

3 Flutes with Multilayer Alloy


Item No.: 404 730

HSCo Spot Weld Drill Bits

Solid carbide drill bit for ultra high-strength sheet steels (Usibor) which are used, for example, in frame cross and side members but also in part in sills or A/B-pillars of some models of Audi Daimler/Chrysler, Porsche, VW, BMW, Volvo, Peugeot and many others. For all higher-strength and ultra high-strength sheet steels with a tensile strength of 450 N/mm² – 1,580 N/mm² (DC04 (St 14), bake hardening to martensite phase steels). The multilayer coating was developed with an integrated cutting oil that combines all the advantages of conventional TiN, TiAIN and TiCN alloys. Only available on request!  

Made in Germany