Spot Weld Milling Cutter Kit in Case with 3 Spare Milling Cutters


Item No.: 600 523

Spot Weld Drill Kit D-5120CBK
Exploded view drawing:

Idling speed
600 rpm
Weight2.2 kg
Air pressure6.3 bar
Air inlet1/4"

Drill kit for the quick and convenient removal of spot welds. The patented pneumatic drill spindle feed ensures constant contact pressure. The support bracket can be pivoted 360° or removed with no additional tool needed. This means spot welds on the seam and even on inside plates can be quickly and conveniently opened without great effort. The drilling depth can be adjusted precisely with the continuously variable depth stop, preventing perforation of the second plate. The low idling speed is especially designed for solid carbide drill bits in order to remove spot welds reliably on higher-strength and ultra high-strength sheet steels and ensure that milling cutters have a long service life. The machine is delivered in the handy carrying case with three spare milling cutters. The jumbo-size bracket is available as an option.