Punch and Flange Tool


Item No.: 601 321

Punch and Flange Tool MP-020
Exploded view drawing:

Sheet thicknessup to 1.6 mm
Hole diameter5.0 mm
Flange depth12 mm
Weight1.3 Kg
Air pressure6.3 bar
Air inlet1/4"
Sound pressure71 dB/A

Combines a hand flange tool and hole punch in one single tool with air/hydraulic support. Ideal for jointing non-hardened body panels and for panel repairs and partial replacement with seamless transition. Also punches holes of up to 5 mm for gas metal arc welding thanks to the pneumatic/hydraulic power boost. Facilitates efficient and fatigue-free work despite one-hand operation. Quicker and less energy-sapping than hand flange tools.