Angle Polisher


Item No.: 600 496

Angle Polisher C-3735
Exploded view drawing:

Idling speed3,200 rpm
Backing plate 30 mm and 75 mm
Backing plate mount5/16“ UNF pitch
Compressed air connection1/4"
Operating pressure6.3 bar
Weight0.88 Kg
Sound pressure80.5 dB/A

Handy and powerful mini-polisher for eliminating small scratches, paint defects, orange peel, dust inclusions and paint transitions during partial painting. At 0.6 HP this is a high-torque tool, guaranteeing a high rate of removal. Exhaust air is discharged to the rear through the cold-insulated handle. The mini-polisher is ideal for paint repairs and is therefore best suited for auto detailing, painters and car dealerships.