Belt Sander 10 mm with Plastic Handle Low-Noise


Item No.: 600 435

Belt Sander C-3535
Exploded view drawing:

Idling speed18,000 rpm
Belt size10 x 330 mm
Weight0.7 kg
Length305 mm
Vibration level 2 m/sec?
Air pressure6.3 bar
Air inlet1/4"
Sound pressure80.9 dB/A

Low-noise and low-vibration 10 mm belt sander with plastic insulated handle. The handle can be turned 360° around the drive roller to adjust the optimal working position. Easy abrasive belt replacement using the quick-release device. Air supply is adjusted through a control valve. Ideal for body sanding work, quick repair of plastic, all types of sanding on tight spaces with limited access, buffing of welded seams and plastic refinishing.