Diamond Orbital Sander


Item No.: 600 432

Diamond Orbital Sander C-3710
Exploded view drawing:

Leerlaufdrehzahl16.000 U/min
Stützteller50 mm Klettausführung
Hub3,0 mm
Gewicht0,7 kg
Luftdruck6,3 bar
Schalldruck80,4 dB/A

Handy industrial orbital sander with a throw of only 3.0 mm. Designed for the quick sanding of flat and curved surfaces. Perfect for professional finishing paintwork. The angled design provides for an unobstructed view of the area to be sanded. The low air consumption save costs, while the reduced vibration and the silencer safeguard the health of the user. Compact and robust, this device is designed for a long service life and very low servicing costs.