13 mm Belt Sander with Extra Long Arm


Item No.: 600 405

Belt Sander C-3645
Exploded view drawing:

Idling speed16,000 rpm
Belt size12.7 x 610 mm
Weight1.1 kg
Length455 mm
Air pressure6.3 bar
Air inlet1/4"
Sound pressure95 dB/A

Extra long and high-torque belt sander. Weight reduction due to the aluminium housing. Exhaust port through the handle with built-in speed control. 360° swivel handle. The quick-release device simplifies replacement of grinding belts. Sealed bearings and rubber-coated handle for continuous and long-lasting use. Ideal for machining workpieces in confined spaces with recessed corners and rounded surfaces. Ideal for sanding, deburring, buffing and polishing of metal, plastic, fiberglass, composite materials, etc.